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Visions and Developments
Tue Oct 19, 2010 7:51 pm by Winterheart
Heres a comment from a chat between me and Thunderflight.

Quote :

Just you wait, Ive stumbled onto something that can pump FO upto level 10000000.

Member profiles, integrated blogging system, shared galleries, chat features, friend system, forum, video sharing, rss feeds, even organising.

Imagine FO as an awesome integrated social website for furries.

Theres something to think about huh?

It will …

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Wed Sep 29, 2010 6:32 am by Winterheart
Okay guys.

Some people have been suggesting some seriously awesome stuff and I need your feedback before I start working on it.

First thing, is a possible blog implementation. Such as blogs.fursonaonline.net

And the second thing ( Which I think can be great ) is Groups / Clans whatever.
Basically, if a person wants to start a group they will need a post limit. Then they submit a group request …

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Shall we make a seperate board called blogs.fursonaonline.net?
Yes, would make more sense.
 50% [ 4 ]
 13% [ 1 ]
Just keep it on this board, even if its confusing.
 38% [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 8

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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Tue Oct 05, 2010 5:38 am

      It may look like much, but in all honesty, they're just detailed! Please take the time to at least read the underlined parts. :)

      R E G I S T R A T I O N R U L E S

      001. Please register with a valid email address. If your email does not work and/or links to inappropriate material, your account will be deleted. This is important because sometimes emails are sent out to warn about clean-ups, activity checks, contests, etc.

      002. Please refrain from registering with different emails. When you want a second character or more, please do not register with a different email. In your profile, you can hide your email to keep your identity secret from other members if you wish.

      003. When registering, please be conscious of your username. Refrain from using things that may offend people, such as names containing profanity (which you should try to avoid with our age rating anyway) or things like "Killer666". just be nice. :]

      004. This site is rated PG 13 for people 13 and up. This means if you cannot handle things relating to just a bit of gore, then you probably shouldn't join without permission from your parents! Trust us, you'll be better off with them knowing.

      007. When you join, keep in mind we are looking for fairly active members. This means we appreciate you posting art and getting involved--it does not mean, however, we expect you to devote your life to us! Just have fun and get to know people.

      G E N E R A L R U L E S

      001. Please respect your fellow members and staff. If you're having a problem with someone (including staff), just PM me and we'll try to sort things out. But if you think you can, PM them nicely and discuss the matter with respect. Please do not cause any dramatic scenes, such as directly attacking/accusing a Staff member. It's uncalled for. ):

      002. Keep any images to a PG-13 rating (no porn or links). People come onto the site, and we can never know how old they really are. Some threads may be rated PG-13, but images showing any personal body parts of a male or female are not tolerated. You and your IP address will instantly be banned and your topic will be deleted.

      003. No spamming anywhere outside the OOC section. An example of spamming would be to constantly send messages over and over again in the chatbox. Spamming is also when someone replies (or “bumps”) a topic repeatedly (unless it's permitted in that board!). If there is any spamming, you will be warned and an Admin or Moderator will delete your topic.

      004. No discrimination or insults against others! Respect one another's beliefs for the sake of all (though this can be avoided all together if you keep personal information to yourself). This is not tolerated. If anyone insults you because of your race, religion, gender, or anything of the sort, just PM a staff member.

      005. Try your best to stay active! (min. of 3-4 times a week) That means signing up for contests, submitting art and doing threads. If you have not replied or shown any sign of activity for almost 3 months, an Admin will PM or email you to warn that your character will be deleted along with your account. Post in the Absence forum if you have the chance.

      006. Try to keep signatures around 500 x 500. Large images not only stretch the pages, but they also lengthen loading time. It is highly suggested that you keep your banners at the maximum boundary!

      007. The limit for avatar sizes is 150 x 200. Large images not only stretch the pages, but they also lengthen loading time. Nevertheless, the site will automatically downsize your avatar, and that'll just look funky. :P

      C H A R A C T E R R U L E S

      001. When roleplaying, don't cross OOC with your writing. Be courteous of others and try to remember this is only writing. Anything a character says does not mean the author is directing it towards you.

      002. Do not dare to plagiarize. Whether it's writing, pictures or characters, don't do it. This is obviously not tolerated in an artistic community, and if you attempt it you will be found. Believe you me, it's a horrible thing and you will regret it. Respect other artists and their work.

      003. We accept all kinds of animal species! A fursona is an animal character used to represent oneself (if you didn't already know this.. haha). Whether your character is a cat, bird, dog, horse, dragon, or a donkey, they are accepted in our family. Smile Be creative, but try to avoid sparkle animals; you can only color a dog so much :C

    rules © specifically and only for FursonaOnline. written by ruska.
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Posts : 26
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PostSubject: Re: Forum Rules   Tue Oct 19, 2010 6:57 pm

I don't know if we can post yet, and sorry if we can't, but I think adding "No god-modding" to the General rules is a big thing for roleplay. ;; (You should actually have a seperate section for roleplayin rules.)

Mainly because a lot of people want their character to be the best at everything. They make them all-powerful, invincible, etc., which is called "god-modding" because it prevents any conflict/plotline from continuing.

Another part of god-modding is killing other characters in a roleplay without asking first. That's a huge issue. -_-

I've been an active roleplayer of a roleplaying guild I co-own on gaiaonline for over a year now. o3o SO I really wanna help out with the roleplaying rules. I might even be able to just paste some rules from our forums over there. xD

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BBC Coder, Illustrator, and advisor.
Ebullient, intransible, eloquent, but never grandesque!
Usually second in command in everything

(which is a paradox within itself; second in command because always involved in other things in which I am second in command. |D )

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r u s k a


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PostSubject: Re: Forum Rules   Thu Oct 21, 2010 12:27 am

    i already have roleplaying rules written out. i didn't post them because i was not sure how vital roleplaying would be here. i've owned and co-owned several different roleplays myself.


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PostSubject: Re: Forum Rules   

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Forum Rules
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